Sunday, 30 October 2011

You're every thought, you're everything, you're every song I ever sing.

Well hai! Im back, feels like I havent been gone at all. Shame really, I wish I could do my half term all over again, I wouldnt go to Dads, I'd have everyone over, I could do things with friends etc. BUT DID YOU KNOW?!?!?! I love Cardiff. THEY HAVE AN URBAN OUTFITTERS STORE. I knooooow right. Anyway just for you guys, I wrote a blog down;
"Breaking the ice."
So Im sitting here in Wales in Aunty Debbies and Uncle Davids  livingroom thinking to my self hey isnt this eaaaseh.. No Taylor, just no. My first acknowledgement with the Ansell family was Cathering shyly saying 'Hi' and quickly escaping to the nearest room. The thing that shocked me the most was how freaking tall everyone is. Catherine's always been taller than me which is a bit ironic because Im actually older than her by 9 weeks. But Im used to being a giant in the land of good ol Norfolk, tractors and Casey. Oh yeah this was after Debbie calling down hello and big David helping bring in half our house.. aka our baggage. Lol the next step was waiting for Mum as we awkwardly hung in the doorway. To the kitchen, awkwardly stood half in half out, holding and poking at a bag of apples like a goof. David little; the next sighting. Man he's tall and yeah...reminds me of-... Vicky, to me doesnt really look that much different, reaaaally skinny *Automatically wraps arms round stomach* Dinner Dl already eaten and not present at table. Thank fuck. I thought thank god we're not have spag bol, worst awkward meal to have especially when you're shaking like a leaf. Cant remember what we had. It was pick a spot on table and stare until forced to move gaze. Sam had most of the attention due to being in six form and the topic was as always was stuck on A levels, university, the future, yadi yadi yah. Referred to sitting in silence lost in my own thoughts. Sent off to do something with Catherine also known as forced bonding and 'Breaking the Ice' Led into old games room for some gaming. DL PRESENT. *Hands me remote* Guess im playing then. Fails and dies tragically. Dl kills me numerous shameful times. Deffinitely not born to be a gamer. So thats off my future occupation list. Exits with raging headache to sit with adults. Finally goes to bed after listening to many of Davids stories, reads forever about vampires and casually shares the interest with Catherine, my bunk mate. Going on half one in the morning, finally gathers the courage to say 'Okay, umm.. im going to sleep now' Lol I think we were both transfixed and both waiting for the other to say something. My alarm on my phone goes off three times at seven in the morning.-.- Finally turning it off in annoyance and falls back asleep again. Cant remember dream. Read again while waiting for shower to be vaccant. Typical me I kind of read until I was asked If i wanted breakfast at 12. Blessed co co pops! Book, Mum and David announce we're going on a walk. Put boots on and collapsed on the sofa with Cath and talked about school and x factor. We then set off in the old people carrier, good times in that old thing. Headed off for some place, passing what looked like another tree, another, bush, another bend.. another sheep.. nothing looked familiar. 4 mile walk or hike? in the rain funs! Awkward silence in the car while Mum and david went into tescos WITH AN UNDERGROUND CAR PARK O;! Back at the house, The dreaded spag bowl. DL PRESENT. Thankfully David sat next to me blocking my view. Then I was trapped as prisoner until I fully understood this stupid maths question. Watched Mock the week with Catherine, DL WALKS IN WITH CRISPS AND PLONKS HIMSELF ON SOFA. Why are you doing this to me? Its all a bit mushed together but one night he balanced himself on the pufe thing on his side its like. AHH WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?! Anyway AHHH FREAKOUT. And catherine argues for more crisps and says 'Felicity wants some too, shes the guest!' He looks at me and says 'Felicity do you want some?' I smile and make this hand gesture like *Gimme* That I will never repeat ever again.. *Facepalm* Like jazz hands... oh well, easy escape from talking lkike a goof I guess? He got up and I grabbed about three ... -.- Family guy, bed. Breakfast, gets coffee. ooh coffee guy. Forecast for today; constant rain. And I didnt write anything else D; but I can tell you! That.. we went to cardiff bought an amazing book called 'Wreck this journal'  played numerous games of 'On your neighbour' and Irish snap and made many fails of card piramids. Went for a walk in the village and climbed a mountain on the way back (The hill) Played last cardgames said goodbyes, air hugs and left. Long coruses of Michael buble, Wombats, Ray Lamontagne all the way home AND FINALLY ON FACEBOOK.

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